The Island

Released on the Saphrane Label 2011

The collaboration of two outstanding artists brings us radical, humorous and transporting music. Ada Milea and Alexander Balanescu have created a new highly theatrical 'song cycle' - The Island, after the play with the same name, a surrealist spin on Robinson Crusoe by the Romanian poet Gellu Naum.

Maria T

Released 28 Mar 2005
Maria T is a re-connection with Alexander Balanescu's Romanian roots evoking the spirit of one of his earliest musical influences, the glamorous and iconic folk-singer and actress Maria Tanase (1913-1963).

Lume Lume

Released 2000
During the Austrian Ars Electronica festival in September 2000 eight musicians led by well-known Romanian composer Alexander Balanescu came together to build a session group creating a 57-hour live soundtrack that was accompanied by daily performances. Balanescu himself edited the recordings to 17 pieces of various lengths, picking only the finest moments of this extraordinary four-day jam.

Partigiano Johnny

Released 2000
Original score by Alexander Balanescu for the film by the same title. Not released yet out of Italy, the music on this album captures the struggle of partisan soldiers fighting against the fascists during the second world war, combined with more intimate moments, tracking the thoughts of the central character of the film, "Johnny". Containing strings, from solo violin to sextet.

East meets Eest

Released 1997

Angels and Insects

Released 04 Dec 1995
Created for the feature film by the same title, directed by Philip Haas, this album contains music as recorded for the film. Performed, not only by the Balanescu Quartet, but also "Luminitza Chamber Orchestra" , Alexander's exciting and passionate score for brings the film to life.


Released 24 Jan 1994
"Luminitza" is romanian for small light. It is the kind of light given off by a glow-worm, or the glimmer of a distant town at night. For Alexander Balanescu, the quartet's Romanian born founder, "Luminitza" has many shades of meaning. It stands for the lights beckoning him to the homeland his family left in 1969. It means the dim eerie glow of the cities subjected to fuel shortages and chronic power cuts. Most significantly, his small light signals "a little bit of hope" in the darkness that, even after the downfall of Ceaucescu's totalitarian regime in 1989, still shrouds Romania.

Kevin Volans: String Quartets No. 2 & 3

Released 1994


Released 21 Sep 1992
Containing the Music of Alexander Balanescu, "Kraftwerk", and ending with a small piece by David Byrne, the pop-culture pieces as arranged by Clare Connors you are surprised, this album is a tremendous fusion of Classical, pop and jazz. The title piece, "Possessed" was originally written by Alexander Balanescu for a dance performance, it includes an improvised drum line.


Released 1992

Gavin Bryars: After the Requiem

Released 1991

Michael Nyman: String Quartets 1-3

Released 1991